History of stetho

1995 March
Stetho is first appeared in Narita's graduate thesis: ネットワーク環境における音声の有効利用
1995 November
IPSJ DSM study group: "stetho: Network sonification system"
1996 March
52nd, IPSJ conference Remote User Interface of Network Traffic Sonification System --- Application of stetho stetho system to WWW and telephone ---
1996 July
netsound is constructed at Japan pabilion at IWE '96
1996 September
53rd, IPSJ conference "Application of Network Traffic Sonification System --- Internet World Exposition'96 "netsound" ---
April, 1997
Mr. Tada is the new maintainer of stetho
Summer, 1997
Sensorium won a prize at Ars Electronica Festival 1997. Netsound is started at AEC.
Autumn, 1997
Netsound is renewaled. We introduced software MIDI sound module, changed encoder from on Windows98 to on Linux. This made possible to maintain Netsound system from remote console.
March, 1998
April, 1998
Mr. Matsuoka is the new maintainer of stetho.
March, 1999
Sep, 2000
Kimoto has started to re-construct stetho drasticly.

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