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My /etc/pccard.conf

This is my /etc/pccard.conf

I need USB!

Ofcourse everyone knows, USB is cool. Currently, I am working on USB driver on BSD/OS. Actually, it's a porting of NetBSD's driver.

I need 16bit PCM on my notebook!

Chandra, my notebook, has ESS sound chip. But native BSD/OS can detect this chip only as SoundBlaster Pro. It can only play 8bit PCM. It isn't comfortable especially to play SMF by TiMidity and MP3.
Currently, NetBSD and FreeBSD can use ESS Chip in native 16 bit mode. Now I am working to port this driver to BSD/OS. And as the next step, I will port Luigi Rizzo's snd driver to BSD/OS if time permits.

I need WirelessLAN!

Now IEEE802.11 based wireless LAN card is available. And its driver for FreeBSD is also available at here. The driver is ported to BSD/OS by itojun. I am debugging the driver now.

No interrupts rise. It's funny. Why?

I need MIDI!

Some SoundBlaster as known as VIBRA16 need special initialization to enable MIDI port. I've desired MIDI port on VIBRA16 chip. The patch is delivered from newer version of Voxware.

[It was a hack at 1997]

Here's a patch for BSD/OS 3.1

To apply this patch, follow this steps.

Vibra16 chip requires initialization of assignment of I/O address for MIDI interface. 0x300 and 0x330 are selectable. Selecting the I/O address, certain value should be set to mixer register.

unsigned char   bits = sb_getmixer (0x84) & ~0x06;
case 0x300:
  sb_setmixer (0x84, bits | 0x04);
case 0x330:
  sb_setmixer (0x84, bits | 0x00);

I need MIDI more!

Roland SCP-55 is a PCMCIA MIDI card that is compatible with GS standard. I developed device driver for this card. Using this driver and UART SMF player such ad midiplay, you can play SMF. But unfortunately, this patch doesn't work well. If you initialize the card on Windows and boot BSD/OS, the card will work slightly better. But not perfect. Volume control seems getting crazy.

[It was a hack at 1996]

Here's a tarball for BSD/OS 3.1

Installation is to be the following steps:

SCP-55 is basically compatible with UART MIDI device. Once the card is attached, it acts as same as MPU-401 UART mode. Some special registers for mixer are added. Probably special initialization is needed, but I have no information about that. That is why this driver doesn't work perfectly.

I need joysticks!

It is quite easy to implement generic joystick driver on BSD/OS.

[It was a hack at 1998 (actully one night hack)]

Here's a tarball for BSD/OS 3.1

Please see 00README included the tarball for more details.

I need ATAPI-PD drives!

ATAPI PD drives are large and cheap strorage devices. They are very useful for me.

[It was a hack at 1998]

Here's a patch for BSD/OS 3.1

To apply this patch, follow this steps.

ATAPI packet format is similar to that of SCSI. As far as the ATAPI specification, the field where LUN places in SCSI packet is defined as 'not-used'. But ATAPI-PD drives use this field to change CD-ROM and PD. ATAPI-PD driver must do the followings: As far as BSD/OS, ATAPI removable drives are operated under SCSI emulation. Therefore, modifying the driver was not so difficult.

But, in my patch, SCSI-LUN is filled just before sending packets. It is not smart, I think. SCSI-LUN should be set at more appropriate place. Please do not forget that this patch is very ad-hoc.

If your ATAPI-PD drive isn't recognized, please add the name of drive to wdpi_special_list[] at /sys/i386/isa/wdpi.c.

I need 'shutdown -x'

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